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            1. Hot iron is an indispensable part of the casting process

              Editor:嘉善永金金屬制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-07-07 

              In addition to the use of cold iron materials in the casting, hot iron is also an indispensable part, mainly to play a role in thermal insulation to make the casting channel smooth. During the casting process, due to various factors, various defects will appear on the surface, which seriously affects the quality and performance of the casting.

              One of the effective ways to solve this problem is the use of hot iron. It is also to place an independent patching entity on the casting, or a non-metallic material insulation body placed outside the mold shell. After cooling and solidification, it can prevent the casting from producing a variety of Quality issues.

              Although this method solves the defects of castings, so far no systematic test data has been formed. It is necessary to arrange different hot irons in different positions for different structures of castings in production, and it is necessary to control them reasonably The diameter, length, width, height and other dimensions can get good results.