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            1. "Wisdom" era: AI is a "double-edged sword"

              Editor:嘉善永金金屬制品有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-06-19 

              In recent years, the scale of my country's smart manufacturing equipment market has increased year by year, and the growth momentum has been stable. On the one hand, thanks to the good policy environment provided by the state, a series of favorable policies to promote the development of high-end equipment and smart manufacturing have been successively introduced, which has promoted the high-quality development of my country's smart manufacturing equipment industry. On the other hand, thanks to the continuous development and progress of artificial intelligence technology in recent years.

              Intelligent manufacturing is derived from the research of artificial intelligence. Intelligent manufacturing should include intelligent manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing systems. At present, China has already possessed the industrial foundation for the development of smart manufacturing. It has both certain development opportunities and certain industry development advantages. However, relatively independent research and development capabilities are still a weak link in the development of the industry and lack high-end smart manufacturing. Core technology and strength.

              Intelligentization will be the development direction of manufacturing automation. Compared with traditional manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing system has the following characteristics: self-discipline ability, human-machine integration, virtual reality technology, self-organizing ultra-flexibility, learning and maintenance. In terms of intelligent machines, intelligent robots are a collection of new technologies in many frontier fields. It combines knowledge from many disciplines such as machinery, electronics, sensors, computer hardware, software, artificial intelligence, and involves a wide range of aspects. Science and technology have always been a "double-edged sword", and AI technology is no exception. Only by using it reasonably, seeking benefits and avoiding harm, can we better promote the development of the industry.